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The blue prints, technical details, carved wood decoration and entire design of that ship came out from my imagination. This is not a model of the particular historic ship, but rather compilation of the typical ideas, used for the war vessels in 17th century. All decorative details are hand-made, carved from apple-tree.  There are several micro-bulbs working from 3-12v  p.s.  used in the ship lights. The bow and stern (lit also from inside) look very impressive in a low light conditions.


    "Le Soleil Royal" - glory of the Royal French Navy was begun in 1669. The vessel had a tonnage 2000 tons & she was armed with 104 cannons of different  caliber. During the war against League of Asbourg the flag ship "Le Soleil Royal" became famous for the fire power, the sail impressiveness & her splendor.  On June 1 1692, the "Soleil Royal" was rammed by a small English brig "The Blaze". The French flagman was fired and blown up. It was the end of her short life.

The blue prints, construction  details and other necessary information are based on the  historic materials coming from Marine Museum of Paris (France). The model stand decorated by wood carving of my own design.